Simple Nail Polish Tips And Tricks

How to Remove Glitter Polish:

Apply a glitter polish on top of a base color to help with the ease of removal. For example, apply a glitter polish on top of a pink creme polish. Applying a glitter polish directly to a bare nail will make removal more difficult. Here are a few tips:

Trying to remove chunky or dense glitter nail polish can be frustrating. It can be challenging to remove compared to removing polish that doesn’t contain glitter. The easiest method to use when removing glitter polish is to use the “Foil Method” following the easy steps below.

1) You will need a few cotton balls or cotton squares, aluminum foil and nail polish remover (acetone works the best).
2) Tear apart the cotton balls or cut the cotton squares into pieces large enough to cover your fingernail.
3) Soak the cotton balls or squares in the acetone and place them over each fingernail.
4) Take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the tip of your finger and the cotton ball. Repeat this on all ten fingers.
5) Wait 2-5 minutes.
6) Before removing the foil and cotton ball, rub it around on your fingernail to help remove any polish.
7) There may be some stubborn glitter left behind, but it is typically easy to remove at this point.
8) You may now go forth and wear glitter polish til your heart’s content!

Sinking Glitters:

Loaded Lacquer takes pride in formulating our polishes so that all of our glitters are nicely suspended in the bottle. I have tested several of the best nail suspension bases available and am extremely confident our glitters will not sink. Nail polish suspension bases are designed to suspend glitters. However, some heavier glitter will tend to settle more toward the bottom of the bottle over time. If you notice some of the larger glitters are near the bottom of your bottle, you can turn the bottle upside down and roll it back and forth between your hands to bring them back to the top so that you can quickly grab them with the brush.

Thicker Polishes:

Some of the polishes are just a tad on the thicker side for application purposes. If you prefer a thinner base, you may add a one drop of nail polish thinner at a time until you are happy with the consistency of the polish. Never use acetone or nail polish remover to thin a nail polish base as it will ruin the polish in the long term.

Apply Chunky Glitter Polish:

Some of the chunkier glitter polishes are best applied by using the “Dab and Spread Method.” You just dab the glitter polish onto your nail with the brush and then spread it around evenly on your nail.

How to Create a Jelly Sandwich:

A jelly sandwich is a fun way to wear glitter nail polishes. A jelly polish will serve as the sandwich’s bread, with a layer of glitter polish in between. A nail polish with a jelly type finish is simply a sheer/translucent colored polish, such as a sheer pink polish. To create a jelly sandwich follow the easy steps below.

1) You will need a sheer/jelly polish in any color you choose and a chunky glitter polish of your choice.
2) Apply one coat of the sheer/jelly polish to your nails and let it dry.
3) Apply one coat of the chunky glitter polish to your nails and let it dry.
4) Apply one more coat of the same sheer/jelly polish to your nails and let it dry.
5) Apply a top coat of your choice (optional).

The combinations you can come up with are endless. You could also wear the sheer polish on all of your nails and just do a jelly sandwich on an accent nail, such as your ring finger!

What’s the difference between a jelly, cream, and glitter finish?
Jelly nail polishes are slightly tinted nail polishes. They are specifically made with less pigment so that they remain slightly translucent and allow other base colors to shine through. Jelly polish has a squishy look to it! Jelly polishes are not designed to have opaque coverage, even after several coats.
Creme nail polishes are typically very close to or fully opaque nail polishes. They are specifically made with more pigment to offer a full coverage application in 1-2 coats.

A glitter polish is a clear suspension base that contains glitters in all shapes and sizes and is typically loaded with sparkle! Glitter polishes do not contain any pigment and are perfect for layering over any of your favorite creme polishes! Some of our glitter polishes are dense enough to be worn opaque as well.

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