Are your polishes really made by hand?

Yes! All of the Loaded Lacquer polishes are made in very small batches by hand and solely by the owner/creator, Heather. I hand-blend glitters and pigments in a suspension base to come up with endless polish creations. Our high-quality cosmetic glitters, pigments, and bases go through extensive testing to test longevity and quality. I test our glitters for bleeding and curling as well as how they suspend in our suspension bases.

Which polishes are limited edition?

All of my polishes are limited edition. If a polish is popular and I can continue to get the ingredients to make it, I will continue to make more. Sometimes manufacturers discontinue glitters and pigments and in those cases, the polish would become discontinued once it sells out. If a polish is seasonal or part of a holiday collection, it will be available only during that holiday or season until it is sold out.

Do you offer sales or coupon codes?

Yes! Follow Loaded Lacquer on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates and information on flash sales, giveaways and discount codes!

The polish I want is out of stock. When will it be back in stock?

If a polish sells out, I will post on the item listing the approximate date it will be available for purchase again. You can also sign up for an email notification when the item is back in stock on the listing page.

Do you offer your polishes in mini bottles?

Unfortunately, I do not offer our polishes in mini bottles at this time. If there is a high enough demand for mini bottles, I will consider selling them in the future.

Why aren’t your polishes “quick drying”?

If our polishes were made to dry faster, it would suspend the glitters more poorly. You can have one, or the other, but not both. If you add more ethyl acetate it will dry more quickly but destroy the suspending properties.

Do you send your polishes to Bloggers for review?

Yes! If you are a blogger or swatcher and would like to review or swatch Loaded Lacquer polishes.

Can I make a change to my existing order?

Unfortunately, I cannot make changes to orders once they have been submitted.