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As the owner of Loaded Lacquer, I provide the passion and creative inspiration for my unique nail polish finishes, glitters, and textures.  My love for nail polishes began over a decade ago while in college.  I played basketball for one of the largest universities in the nation and had little time to pamper myself or feel pretty.  Doing my nails every day gave me control over one area of my life and let me feel a bit “girlie” in the process.  After completing my education and working in the business for several years, I married my fantastic husband and became a military wife and new mother.  Through all of the important and exciting changes that have taken place in my life, one constant is my obsession with colors, textures and anything new and unique in nail polish.
Through blogs, I have connected with other women who share my passion for unique handmade nail polish. About two years ago, I realized I’m not the only one who gets butterflies in their stomach when they see an amazing new glitter polish!   I would wake up in the middle of the night with amazing polish ideas but don’t always have the polishes to bring those ideas to life.  For fun, I began blending and creating my one-of-a-kind polishes inspired by the vivid colors of nature and my surroundings.  Now I have the opportunity to share my creations with others who seek new and unique nail finishes inspired by the world around us.
I believe life is precious and we should be doing what we love and what brings us joy.  While stationed in Alaska, I was awed by its unique beauty and used this as the inspiration for my first collection, The Last Frontier. I am very passionate and dedicated to Loaded Lacquer, and I believe my polishes reflect this passion!   This is just the beginning of living my dreams!